About Mikrodev
We are manufacturing industrial control & communication products since 2006.

Mikrodev has been founded in 2006 in İstanbul, Türkiye. After completing turnkey product or system development projects, Mikrodev has started commercial production activities in 2011.

Mikrodev has been focused for making a difference and becoming a leading company in industrial automation field with its strong technical infrastructure, innovative view, flexible solutions and customer based approach.

Our chronology from past to present

Today we produce more than 200 different types of devices in the subcategories of PLCs, RTUs, Protocol Converters, Gateways, Industrial Routers, HMIs and SCADA software. We have our main office in Türkiye and branches in the UK and South Africa. With these branches, we will focus on global sales and introduce our devices to the world faster. At present, our products are exported to more than 20 countries.

Always for the best.