DM50 Series RTU Routers (Industrial RTU Router) DM50 Series RTU Routers (Industrial RTU Router)

Distributed Control System (DCS)

DM50 Series RTU Routers (Industrial RTU Router)

DM50 Series RTU Routers (Industrial RTU Router) 



Mikrodev’s DM50 series industrial RTUs are designed for controlling and data reading of smart electrical devices (such as protection relays, reclosers, energy, and power quality analyzers, etc.) in the electricity sector using industry-standard protocols such as IEC 61850, MODBUS TCP, and MODBUS RTU. Additionally, they can communicate via IEC 60870, DNP3, and MODBUS TCP protocols with SCADA or control center software. 


TCP/IP connection settings for the products in the DM50 series can be easily configured through a user-friendly interface. Mikrodev’s industrial router IoT protocol converters, with their easy, flexible, and rapid programming capabilities, offer expandable I/O options of up to 512 points, making them a preferred choice in electrical energy applications. The programming of DM50 series products is accomplished using the Function Block Diagram (FBD) language defined in the IEC 61131-3 standard, enabling the swift development of applications with a drag-and-drop logic. 


Within the Mikrodev DM50 Series Industrial RTU Router product group, two separate products are offered:DM50-E1LW-GE0-B7008 and DM50-E2L-GE0-B6000. 


Both Mikrodev DM50-E1LW-GE0-B7008 and Mikrodev DM50-E2L-GE0-B6000 models are designed in compliance with MODBUS, MQTT, IEC 62056-21, DLMS/COSEM, DNP3, IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-101/103/104, and DALI protocol standards. Both models possess the feature of being industrial cellular VPN routers, designed for M2M applications with multi-protocol support. Additionally, DM50-E1LW-GE0-B7008 model includes Wi-Fi support. 

Their minor technical differences can be summarized as follows: 

  • DM50-E1LW-GE0-B7008 model provides 4G LTE Cat 1 support, while DM50-E2L-GE0-B6000 model provides 2G/3G support. 
  • DM50-E1LW-GE0-B7008 model has 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage, whereas DM50-E2L-GE0-B6000 model has 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage. 
  • DM50-E1LW-GE0-B7008 model features a 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera, while DM50-E2L-GE0-B6000 model only has a 5MP rear camera. 
  • DM50-E1LW-GE0-B7008 model is certified with IP67 water resistance, whereas DM50-E2L-GE0-B6000 model has an IP54 certificate. 


Likewise the DM100 series listed under DCS products, the DM50 series also offers a range of features that can be used in various application areas. Application areas of Mikrodev DM50 Series RTU Routers can be summarized as follows: 


In the field of building automation, the DM50 series offers integration with HVAC system-specific block libraries and timer applications, ensuring efficient control of heating, ventilation, and climate systems within the building. 

In process automation, DM50 series industrial RTUs offer a maximum of 512 I/O expansion capability, supporting master and slave communication protocols, providing simultaneous multi-connection support. 

Within the regard of temperature control applications, DM50 series RTUs provide PID and automatic tuning features, along with functionalities for time counting, ON/OFF control, and hysteresis applications. Additionally, they support analog (float) mathematical operations. 

For lighting automation, DM50 series RTUs enable the control of lighting systems with real-time clock and timer blocks, along with support for astronomical time relays and DALI protocol. 

In terms of machine automation, DM50 series facilitates machine control by integrating features such as synchronization control blocks and axis control blocks. 

In telemetry applications, DM50 series can communicate via master communication protocols such as MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP, DNP3, and IEC 60870-5-103, while also supporting slave communication protocols and MODBUS Gateway mode. 

For IoT applications, DM50 series domestic RTUs support the MQTT protocol, enabling seamless data communication and integration between devices. 

 In energy automation, DM50 series industrial RTU routers can collect and analyze energy data with IEC62056-21 and DLMS/COSEM protocol support, and they can integrate with energy automation systems through IEC61850 (MMS Client) protocol. 

For data recording applications, DM50 series provides programmable logging blocks and supports NTP, TFTP for data recording and management. 

The broad application areas of Mikrodev DM50 series industrial router IoT protocol converters ensure their safe preference in the industrial automation sector. 


With its high-capacity product range, Mikrodev offers domestic production PLCs, RTUs, and domestic SCADA solutions in the industrial automation sector. Mikrodev’s domestic automation solutions are confidently preferred in various fields such as building automation, energy systems, clean and wastewater systems, process automation, machine automation, transportation systems, IoT and telemetry applications, lighting systems and agricultural irrigation systems. Mikrodev continues to maintain its leading position in Turkey’s industrial automation market with its domestic PLCs, domestic RTUs, and SCADA products, while simultaneously continuing its sectoral investments and production activities. By offering customized solutions to customers through its competent team, Mikrodev continues its successful progress in the field of industrial automation.