DM100 Series RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) DM100 Series RTU (Remote Terminal Unit)

Distributed Control System (DCS)

DM100 Series RTU (Remote Terminal Unit)

Mikrodev DM100 series is a line of Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) specifically designed for Smart Electrical Devices in the electricity sector, such as protection relays, reclosers, energy and quality analyzers, and more. These devices are equipped to communicate and control through industry-standard protocols like IEC 61850, MODBUS TCP, and MODBUS RTU. Additionally, they can establish communication with SCADA or control center software using IEC 60870-5-104, DNP3, and MODBUS TCP protocols. Mikrodev’s RTU products provide ease, flexibility, and swift programming capabilities, offering I/O options that can expand up to 512 points, making them a preferred choice for electrical energy applications.

In the programming of Mikrodev DM100 series RTUs, the Function Block Diagram (FBD) language, as defined in the IEC 61131-3 standard, is employed. The FBD language facilitates the development of applications through a user-friendly drag-and-drop approach, offering substantial flexibility to effectively utilize Mikrodev’s RTU products.

Within the DM100 series of Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), Mikrodev offers two divergent products: “DM100-E1N-GC0-B1000” and “DM100-E2N-GC3-B1000.” The former features 1 ETH, 1 RS232, and 2 RS485 communication ports, while the latter comes with 2 ETH and 2 RS485 ports. 

Furthermore, the DM100 series encompasses a range of features applicable to various fields. We can list the usage areas and specifications of these applications as follows:

Building Automation: DM100 series RTU products are ideal for building automation, including HVAC systems library and time-based applications, enabling efficient control over systems like heating, ventilation, and climate within the building.

Process Automation: With a maximum of 512 I/O expansion capability and support for both master and slave modes of communication protocols, the DM100 series ensures easy control and communication for equipment utilized in process automation.

Temperature Control Applications: DM100 series domestic RTUs provide PID and auto-tuning control capabilities, along with various functions catering to temperature control, such as ON/OFF control with a time counter and hysteresis applications.

Lighting System: Supporting real-time clock and calendar blocks, along with astronomical time relay applications, the DM100 series RTUs facilitate lighting automation. Moreover, it incorporates support for the DALI protocol, enabling essential functions required for lighting automation.

Machine Automation: The DM100 series is effectively utilized in machine automation, thanks to features like synchronous control blocks and axis control blocks.

IoT and Telemetry Applications: Supporting communication protocols like MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP, DNP3, and IEC 60870-5-101/103/104, the DM100 series can be applied to telemetry applications. Furthermore, the MODBUS Gateway mode facilitates easy integration of communication protocols. Additionally thanks to MQTT protocol, the DM100 series RTU products can be employed in IoT applications, enabling seamless data communication and integration among devices.

Energy Automation: DM100 series RTUs provide crucial support for energy automation, including important protocols like IEC 62056-21 and IEC 61850 (MMS Client). This allows for smooth implementation of energy measurement and transmission functions.

Data Recording Applications: Equipped with micro SD card support, the DM100 series has data recording capabilities. Additionally, it supports programmable logging blocks and FTP, TFTP, etc., making it suitable for data recording applications.

With its extensive range of capabilities, Mikrodev stands as a prominent domestic manufacturer in the industrial automation sector in Turkey, gaining recognition in fields like building automation, energy systems, water systems, process automation, machine automation, transportation systems, IoT, telemetry, lighting systems, and agricultural irrigation systems. Mikrodev continues to maintain its leading position in Turkey’s industrial automation market with its local products and continues to invest in the sector, and expand its activities.