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Smart City
Mikrodev offers solutions for smart city applications with IoT protocol converter, PLC, DCS and SCADA product families with the support of industrial communication protocols.

Smart City systems using automation applications are designed to meet the needs of individuals living in modern cities and metropolises, as well as to ensure the sustainability of cities. While smart city management systems work similarly to building and campus automation systems, their application areas are larger in scale.

Smart city management systems projects may serve various areas such as smart city transportation system and traffic management, smart city parking system, energy and lighting management, waste management, smart city water management and distribution systems, security and emergency management. Using components such as sensors, data collection devices, and intelligent analysis software, these smart cities information systems collect, analyze, and present data from cities to managers.

These systems optimize traffic flow and vehicle traffic, saving time and fuel while reducing energy consumption and waste, supporting more environmentally-friendly practices. Additionally, they enable quick and effective intervention by instantly relaying data on emergencies and potential security threats in the city to the city’s management level.

In this context, Mikrodev’s technologies have a significant role to play in smart city systems. As mentioned, smart city is  an area where information received from various IoT sensors and iot devices is used, and this data efficiently managed.

This includes the control, analysis and data tracking of many systems in the city, such as transportation systems (smart city traffic control system and smart city parking solutions), power plants, lighting systems, water distribution network and waste management. The smart city system is used to optimize service efficiency to citizens, enable analysis of what is happening in the city and how the city is developing, and reduce cost and resource consumption. Mikrodev offers solutions for smart city applications with IoT protocol converter, PLC, DCS and SCADA product families with the support of industrial communication protocols.

As a result, the smart city operating systems are used to optimize service efficiency for citizens, analyze what is happening in the city and how it is developing, and reduce costs and resource consumption. Intelligent systems in smart cities play a vital role in the sustainability, efficiency, and security of modern cities, especially in supporting the livability of large cities and metropolises.