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Mikrodev PLC and Remote I/O products were used in the Pivot Arm Irrigation, Fertilization and Seed Dressing SCADA System at more than 90 points in Konya – Türkiye region. Agricultural irrigation area of 40000 decares is controlled by more than 180 PLC and Remote I/O devices.

  • Over 180 Units Mikrodev PLC’s and Remote I/O’s
  • Over 5000 data control via ViewPLUS SCADA
  • Irrigation, fertilizing and seed dressing control with 91 stations over 40.000 decar field
  • Adjusting the rotation speed and direction of the irrigation blades
  • Adjusting the water pressure in the irrigation blades
  • Adjusting the amount of water
  • Monitoring of fertilizer amount
  • Minimizing interference
  • Real-time detection of risks and malfunctions
  • Adjustment of the system and ensuring functionality in case of failure
  • Protection of production and investment
  • Reducing damage and costs caused by outages
  • Optimized the operation and recovered from failure

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