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Mikrodev MP211 Series PLC products and ViewPLUS SCADA software were used in the Shelter and Command Center Automation. In the shelter system, alarm monitoring, energy monitoring and HVAC system controls, decontomination controls are carried out over SCADA.

  • Over 20 stations
  • Over 70 MP211 PLC’s and expansion modules
  • Over 2000 data control via ViewPLUS SCADA
  • Data monitoring of cells in the shelter, automation, failure detection in the system are achieved by means of Mikrodev MP211 series PLC products along with I/O extension modules
  • Instantaneous Data Transfer Through ViewPlus SCADA over MODBUS protocol
  • A/C Stations Control (AHU, Chiller, Boiler, EF Fans, Damper Engine)
  • Control of automatic doors in the shelter
  • Control of drainage system
  • Control of fuel system
  • Monitoring of power system

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