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Drinking water controls of 350 stations throughout Mugla province in Türkiye are made through Mikrodev RTU products and ViewPLUS SCADA software. In the system, well and tank operation/failure conditions, pump and valve controls, as well as flow and tank levels are monitored. With ViewPLUS SCADA software, level information can be observed instantly with live trends, and historical reports can be obtained.

  • Over 350 stations
  • Over 500 units Mikrodev RTU and expantion modüle
  • Over 10000 data control via ViewPLUS SCADA
  • Setup communication between Mikrodev RTU’s-wells-lifted pumps-tanks (via Modbus TCP Master- Slave)
  • Remote monitoring and control of wells,lifted pumps and tanks via ViewPLUS SCADA
  • Automatic control of wells and lift pumps according to tank level
  • Data transmission to Viewplus SCADA via IEC 60870-5-104 protocol
  • Hot stand by redundant SCADA
  • Control and monitoring systems over operator panel (HMI) for local users
  • Logging via Mikrodev RTU with IEC 60870-5-104 and auto sending logs to SCADA
  • Alarm monitoring, alarm verification, alarm acknowledgment and adding acknowledge notes
  • Monitoring of the energy analyzer
  • Monitoring chlorine devices via ViewPLUS SCADA over Modbus TCP
  • Monitoring flowmeters’ instantaneous and total flow values
  • Controlling pressure safety of well-lift pumps
  • Time and event-based reporting
  • Tabular and graphical reporting
  • Reporting filters
  • Statistical reporting
  • Compare data on different timescales on reports

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