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Mikrodev MP211 Series PLC products and ViewPLUS SCADA software were used in ANKAMALL Building & Mall Automation System. Alarm monitoring, energy monitoring and system control of 278000 m2 area and over 400 stores are done via ViewPLUS SCADA software.

  • 29 AC control center units
  • 34 chiller units
  • 35 boiler units
  • 6 water tanks
  • 3 fire pumps
  • 107 exhaust fans
  • 16 escalators
  • 4 generators
  • 12 energy analyzers
  • Over 500 fancoil control
  • 20000 data control via ViewPLUS SCADA
  • Whole systems in the Mall can be controlled either manually or automatic per time values
  • Easy to use Android and Windows desktop based user applications for system monitoring and control
  • Observance of alarms, alarm acknowledgement and attaching a note to an alarm acknowledgement
  • Monitoring of power analyzers
  • Monitoring of temperature and pressure data over ViewPlus SCADA app
  • Remote monitoring and control of systems via ViewPlus SCADA such as illumination, chiller, AC control center (AHU), chamber, exhaust fan, clean water, fire, generator, analyzer, escalator

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