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In the energy management system, more than 50000 energy data are monitored and controlled over ViewPLUS SCADA software by using Mikrodev DCS and IoT protocol gateway products at more than 100 stations throughout the TEI TUSAS region located in Eskisehir, Türkiye.

  • Over 100 RTU300 Series RTU, MDC100 and MBS100 Gateway
  • Over 50000 data control via ViewPLUS SCADA
  • Manual or automatic operation of thermal magnetic circuit breakers according to 56 different scenario situations
  • Value monitoring and breaker control of a total of 31 feeder protection relay devices are performed
  • Monitoring of 75 energy analyzers in total
  • Tracking the value and step information of a total of 6 reactive power control relay devices
  • Tracking of generators
  • Tracking of dynamic UPS
  • Tracking reports of electricity meters instantly, hourly, daily and monthly
  • Monitoring of transformers instantaneous temperature and absolute temperature values

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