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Building automation and SCADA system controls throughout TUBITAK Marmara Research Center MARTEK are made with Mikrodev products and software. Air conditioning, lighting and energy controls of the buildings in the region and environmental irrigation system controls are carried out. The billing process is carried out over the monthly consumption values of electricity meters, water meters and heat meters.

  • Over 250 MP211 PLC, MBS100, MDC100, MMS100 Gateway
  • Over 15000 data control
  • 20000 tag ViewPLUC SCADA licence
  • A/C Stations Control (AHU, Chiller, Boiler, EF Fans, Damper Engine)
  • Energy data control (analyzer, generator, ups, etc.)
  • Lighting control (indoor and environmental lighting)
  • Garden irrigation system control
  • Control and billing of electric meter datas
  • Control and billing of water meter and calorimeter datas
  • Control of water tank levels
  • Control of drainage system

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